Tom Mullaney
Tom Mullaney


A third-generation pharmacist, Tom is a graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. He grew up working at Mullaney’s Pharmacy, founded by his family, and upon graduation joined fulltime. With decades of experience in the long-term care and retail pharmacy settings, Tom has a unique understanding of the needs of the LTC communities he serves.

Troy Stinson
Troy Stinson, PharmD, RPh 

Director, Pharmacy Operations

Troy has been with Mullaney’s since he graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2012.  With ten years of experience leading Mullaney’s long-term care operations, he not only has an understanding of the needs of LTC communities, but also a passion to serve them.

Abbey Lauffer
Abbey Lauffer, PharmD, RPh 


Abbey is a 2019 graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. She started her career with the Mullaney’s family as a staff pharmacist and currently serves as the Pharmacist-In-Charge. She enjoys working with other providers as a part of the integrated healthcare team and is dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcomes for each patient through individualized care.

Todd Miller
Todd Miller

Director, Finance and Administration

Todd joined Mullaney’s in 2020. Prior to his pharmacy experience, he served in various roles in finance and operations. Todd has been working in LTC pharmacy since 2012. 

Tessa Zimmer
Tessa Zimmer

Director of Business Development and Compliance

Tessa has been working in a LTC pharmacy since 2014. She has a background in pharmaceutical sales, counseling, marketing, and compliance. She has a master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati and two bachelor’s degrees from The University of South Carolina. Tessa is passionate about making a difference in the community and the lives of everyone she is involved with.

James Ravenscraft
James Ravenscraft

Director, Service and Sales

James has served the developmentally disabled and senior community for over 12 years. He promotes the critical benefits of medication compliance and Guardian Pharmacy’s medication programs to statewide facilities. James enjoys family, all sports, the outdoors, and educating society on the needs of our communities.

Jennifer Upton
Jennifer Upton

Director of DME

Jennifer has over 16 years’ experience working within the retail and long-term care pharmacy as well as managing a Durable Medical Equipment business. She is a highly motivated individual that works with staff members to achieve their max potential while never losing focus that customers come first.

Matt Maloney
Matt Maloney, RN

DME Account Manager

Matt has been a member of Mullaney’s Pharmacy for five years. His responsibilities include expanding the pharmacy and durable medical equipment markets to multiple care settings: Assisted and Independent Living, Home Health Agencies, and Physicians’ offices.

Kim Schaffer
Kimberly Schaefer, RN

Nurse Account Manager

Kimberly has 27 years of nursing and pharmacy experience, having worked in multiple healthcare settings including hospital, retail, and long-term pharmacies. As a Nurse Account Manager for Mullaney’s pharmacy, she is a liaison between the pharmacy and facilities, enhancing communication while providing excellent customer service.

Bethany Green
Bethany Green, RN

RN Account Manager

Bethany is a registered nurse and graduate of Ohio University. She currently serves as a Nurse Account Manager for Mullaney’s. Prior to Guardian, Bethany served for 9 years as the director of nursing for an LTC community. She has 16 years of nursing and LTC experience and has maintained a 5-star facility within her career.